Adapt Technologies and Consultancy Services India: Implementing New Ideas and Technologies to Provide GIS Solutions

Maheep Singh Thapar, MD & Principal Consultant, ADAPT Technologies | Monday, 26 June 2017, 05:48 IST

The Global GIS market is expected to reach $17,510.9 million by 2023 owing to rise in urbanization, escalation in the adoption of enterprise GIS in developing countries and increasing investment by the government for application of GIS in development activities, civic services, home land security, military, and aerospace sector. Over the years, several GIS vendors have come up with innovative products to suit the requirements of the governments in developing countries. India is one of the fastest growing and developing economic markets in the world that is rapidly urbanizing. It offers a great opportunity for service providers and GIS to grow. During the recent years, the demand for 3D based GIS has increased on account of the development of smart cities in China, India, and other South East Asian countries.

GIS assists municipal corporations and infrastructure development authorities to become efficient by offering property tax assessment, infrastructure and utility management, intelligent systems for transportation, heritage and tourism management, asset management, urban planning and environmental management services.

Leveraging the opportunity is Adapt Technologies and Consultancy Services India Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company has an expertise in GIS development along with the right combination of urban planning and development skills. Maheep Singh Thapar, MD, Adapt consultants elaborates, “India’s rapid urbanization rate creates a challenge as well as an opportunity for spatial data management and GIS use. Adapt has wide-ranging experience in GIS development. It has developed GIS for urban infrastructure projects in the North Eastern Parts of India and for the urban planning of cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore.”

Adapt has been providing quality consulting services in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, GIS Development and Applications for over two decades. The company has catered to various government and international agencies. It has relevant experience in delivering GIS projects and has strategically used GIS in planning and development. The numerous projects the company has worked on include assistance in Climate Change GIS for Hyderabad City, technical inputs for the Municipal Development Project for GIS development of 37 towns in Telangana State as part of overall state urbanization strategy, asset mapping, real estate development potential, 3D simulation, Hyderabad Metro Rail, (largest PPP project of its kind in the world), Hyderabad Master Plan.

Leveraging GIS to Develop the Right Interface for the End User

With the advent of the private sector as partners in development and growing success stories in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), there is a need for technical expertise for undertaking the planning process and assisting the government as well as the private sector in undertaking specific planning and development tasks.

The modern day civic services need to be brought to the citizens with an IT interface especially with a spatial component and need to be molded to suit the needs of its citizens. A comprehensive and reliable strategy is required to meet those demands. As the cities endeavour to improve the quality of living for its citizens, it is important that new ideas, technologies and best practices are implemented. Hence, urban and regional infrastructure development is the focus today and the growing sector that requires technical assistance in project formulation, planning and implementation and monitoring. The smart city initiative of the Govt. of India is giving a major push for IT enabled citizen Services. The maximization of satellite technology and integration with ICT has made GIS a critical tool for planning and management of natural resources.

ADAPT leverages GIS to develop the right interfaces for the end user that facilitate easy interaction with the client and help in developing an ‘easy to use’ and ‘easy to update’ GIS. Adapt understands that development of GIS requires careful understanding of the objectives of the project and an assessment of the requirements of the client as well as the end user for developing the specific GIS. ADAPT also encourages use of use of open source GeoSpatial tools which are easy to deploy and use by clients and end users.

The Last Word

Adapt has an established track record in delivering high-quality works and services and has initiated steps to restructure itself for the coming time. What differentiates Adapt from other players in the segment is that the company understands the objectives of the project and needs of the client and develops a methodology for implementing the projects accordingly. Maheep concludes by saying, “The market segment is bound to grow. Adapt is positioned to increase its capacities to deliver wide-ranging solutions using geo-spatial technologies. The goal is to become a knowledge provider, strengthen its expertise in providing planning and management solutions and geo-spatial solutions for urban planning, smart cities, natural resources and infrastructure development.”

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