CAN Technologies: Providing Intuitive User Interface for GIS Spatial Analysis

Geographic Information System is increasingly being used in the emerging domains of agriculture, forestry, real estate, land planning and public safety. Govt. projects have brought geospatial technology to mainstream with its National Projects. However, there is a need to visualize large amount of data precisely and interactively. CAN Technologies is positioned in Indian Geospatial Industry provisioning visualization and data acquisition solution to Govt. sector and private firms. In the GIS market segment there is a huge demand of available spatial visual information and related data to make accurate decision. Spatial visualization helps the company assess land features, geographical patterns, safety concerns and other spatial implications. Talking about the projects enabled by CAN Technology’s GIS system, Sanjay Pandey, Managing Director, CAN Technologies explains about the Govt.’s LED project which required GIS features to ascertain geospatial reports. The technology provides precise reports on the installation and implementation of the project pertaining to state, district and village. The GIS features are helpful even in post installation phase to provide data about maintenance and logistics.

Sanjay Pandey, Managing Director

CAN Technologies has developed unique proposition for itself in the market. Their main differentiator comes from provisioning ready made and customizable products for its clients in GIS market. “Our USP is that we have customizable and configurable products ready for every domain of the market. We are not only focusing on product; we customize our solution also. We develop that from scratch for any of the clients who are actually seeing the value in the GIS. We are also
providing the bolt-on solutions where we work on the available data the client has and provide them with our GIS technology solution,” Pandey explains.

Consumer expectation from a GIS technology vendor involves the availability of required GIS data in the supported file formats like shape file, kml, knz. The consumer requires the data to be uploaded to facilitate the management to get analytical view of it. Commenting on the user facilities, Pandey says “We offer solutions that are compatible with any device or mobile application. Our user interface is so intuitive that once data is uploaded it is visible to the higher management or to the field coaches who actually are working on the project.”

Our user interface is so intuitive that once data is uploaded it is visible to the higher management or to the field coaches who actually are working on the project

There is a huge need for implementation of GIS technology in the area of human safety. Considering this opportunity, CAN Technologies offers to extend the transport tracking system of schools to parents. “So far the transport tracking was limited to school admin only. We have extended this to parents so that they can track and ensure the safety of their child,” adds Pandey.

Apart from location based services, the company offers services for e-commerce and HRMS segment. For future endeavors, CAN Technologies is planning to provide geographical data to various telecom providers. The company is also looking forward to working on various GIS enabled Govt. schemes.