Geoinfosys Technologies: Reshaping the GIS Landscape

With India on the cusp of a technological and developmental curve, GIS is not just essential but has become an urgent necessity as it attempts to reap demographic dividends, reduce disparity and accelerate development thus bringing better equity among the citizens of India. An escalation in the demand of better utilization of Land use and natural resources demands reliable spatial information collection, integration, and seamlessly integrating people and processes before integrating the systems, management and sharing and experience development of best practices. Geoinfosys Technologies, incorporated in 2007,offers a unique blend of IT and GIS specialists that pool in their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and IT project management into the comprehensive suite of GIS solution offerings. This enables the company to proffer robust solutions to the customers with improved productivity. “We are good at delivering successful projects with our expertise in project management, domain knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of our customer’ geospatial needs,” explains Sreeramam, Founder, and CEO of Geoinfosys Technologies.

We are currently focused on automating the feature extraction, a part of our Image Analysis Service, through machine learning technologies to bring in more accuracy, reduce the time to deliver

A veteran in this domain, Sreeramam actively participates and holds prominent positions across GIS bodies in India, influencing the government focus, policies, and funding decisions. With two decades of industry rich experience, he has personally forged strong alliances with some of the key players in the industry to assist Geoinfosys to have a clear line of sight of the innovation, international practices and standards currently driving the world. The company is a partner to supply satellite imagery from the leading satellite data provider in the world, Digital Globe (WorldView, GeoEye, and IKONOS).
Leveraging of this partnership enables the supply of all kinds of satellite image data in India right from supplying imagery for conducting a historical/temporal analysis of land cover to getting the most current details of a city. Sreeramam enthusiastically reveals, “We are currently focused on automating the feature extraction, a part of our Image Analysis Service, through machine learning technologies to bring in more accuracy, reduce the time to deliver a project and to make it less person dependent.”

Sreeramam Gorugantu, CEO

With a strong customer-centric approach, the company has catered to a gamut of renowned clientele and currently has a geographical footprint across 15 states/Union Territories in India and abroad. Having attained valuable on the job experience, the company’s specialties lie in their deep domain knowledge in Smart Cities, Geocoding property taxes, Transmission lines, Pipelines, OFC, and Highways. Augmenting a satisfied customer’s experience, the team works at creating better resolution data with their experience with Drones, UAVs, LiDAR, GPR, CORS, and Satellite Image with a quick turnaround time. “This also enhances the quality of the deliverable and reduces people dependencies thereby making it very convenient for the customers,” informs Sreeramam.

Strategically positioned as one of the leading GIS solution providers, Geoinfosys possesses the ability to define and develop a GIS solution following their proven process that encompasses Spatial Data acquisition, creation, extraction; integration, modeling and analysis; visualization to operations, and maintenance of the solution. The company anticipates the GIS industry to evolve into product implementations and integrations and have braced themselves for this change as they aim to launch a suite of innovative products into the market.