Geokno: Capturing Accurate Data for Better Decision Making

While there has been a significant penetration of GIS technology in the Indian market owing to the ability to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present a gamut of geographical data, errors can be introduced at multiple points in a complex GIS analysis. The top most source of error is the lack of accuracy in the data collected. Users have realized that good GIS software complemented with high quality data derived from LiDAR surveys is what drives better decision making. Clients are also on the lookout for quick turnaround time for the data and solutions. Perfectly poised as one of the market leaders and experts in LiDAR technology, Uttar Pradesh headquartered Geokno with their team of geospatial technology professionals caters to the infrastructure segment that demands precision data for engineering requirements. The company harnesses the power of cutting edge LiDAR technology to successfully deliver projects that necessitate the highest quality of accuracy.

" The company harnesses the power of cutting-edge LiDAR technology to successfully deliver projects that necessitate the highest quality of accuracy"

Once the customer is onboard, the team automates multiple processes utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithms so as to provide the envisioned quick turnaround time. A remote sensing methodology that uses light as an active sensor, LiDAR technology obtains complete detailed measurements at a much faster rate compared to its rival technologies in the market. Shrubs, trees and potholes are not viewed as hindrances but are seamlessly documented with the rest of the readings at high levels of precision up to the level of 5 centimetres. The highly adept team leverages their expertise working with this advanced technology to map a city in just a two week time frame. Facilitating customers with its comprehensive suite of services and solutions since 2009, Geokno has worked with a broad range of customers and has successfully delivered more than 80 projects for LiDAR including marquee projects such as Bullet Train Aerial LiDAR survey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Aerial and Mobile LiDAR
survey of Chandigarh Smart City and Aerial LiDAR survey for rooftop solar potential for Bangalore along with a host of irrigation and river-interlinking projects for the government of Telangana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Balaji Nagarajan, CEO

With a strong hold in the geospatial technology environment, Geokno offers end-to-end solutions inclusive of hosting of GIS data on central servers using Web GIS. “For many infrastructure companies with assets spread geographically, it becomes easier to track and maintain the assets using Web GIS. Various activities such as resource utilization, maintenance history and replacement history can be analyzed with Geo tagging so as to focus sparse maintenance resources more effectively,” explains Balaji Nagarajan, Founder and CEO at Geokno. The team is currently working with national institutes for the development of Urban Flood Inundation models. Balaji excitedly reveals, “This is a cutting-edge project which will assist in preventing urban flooding by identification of risk areas and planning and designing mitigation methods. The pilot project undertaken has been accepted and the model will be scaled to a full city level in the near future.” Having carved a niche for themselves in this sector, the company envisions expanding its presence in the international market, gradually introducing themselves across the Middle East, Africa and SAARC countries.