GITGeomatics: Bolstering Government Initiatives with Advanced GIS Capabilities

Dr. Jayachandra Kannemadugu, CEO

Organizations today are increasingly adopting Geographic Information System(GIS) solutions as they provide more advanced capabilities to analyze spatial information, interpret data and create maps, along with bringing improved communication, better decision-making and cost savings, leading to greater efficiency. Furthermore, GIS combined with other geospatial technologies such as Remote Sensing, GPS/DGPS and ETS have emerged as powerful tools in catering solutions for geo/location based requirements of both Government and Private organizations. However, despite many benefits of Geospatial technology, factors such as having a correct understanding of the requirement and input availability, appropriate cost estimation, partnering with the right solution provider and following the right procedures are highly significant and play a pivotal role in the success of any GIS project. Perfectly understanding and aligning with these requisites, Hyderabad headquartered M/s. Global Information Technologies (GITGeomatics) steps forward to leverage these GIS capabilities in its comprehensive suite of GIS technology services.

Incepted in 1999, GIT is a full service Geomatics Solutions company that specializes in a wide range of GIS services including Remote Sensing, GIS, MIS, CAD, GPS/DGPS and Web Applications. With its core business centered around creating geo databases of various Government functionaries for better administration and decision making, GIT has been catering to Geomatic Solutions for a variety of Government Departments including Forestry, Municipal Administration, Revenue, Survey & Land Records, Police, Agriculture, Power, Tourism& Culture, Rural Development, Water Supply, Civil Supplies, Commercial Taxes, Pollution Control Board, Woman & Child welfare, Housing, Fire services, Road Transport
Corporation and Road Safety. Combining its extensive Geomatics related technical expertise with today’s cutting edge tech nologies, GIT endeavors to build reliable solutions that can maximize its clients’ profitability in a cost-effective manner. “The prime expectations of clients across Geo-spatial data dependent organizations today are reliable and timely deliverables, based on quality information,” reveals Dr. Jayachandra Kannemadugu, CEO, GITGeomatics. “GIT’s greatest strength is its highly qualified and experienced team whose capabilities to recognize correct inputs and methodologies aids us in achieving quality outputs and meeting client expectations,” he adds.

Leveraging its technical expertise in the creation of spatial data, integration with non-spatial data and analysis, GIT caters to custom designed GIS based solutions, particularly for development planning, resource management, scientific investigations; Geo tag based asset management, route planning, and administration-related decision making for ground activities. GIT has also served as a major technology associate with many Government organizations to develop geo referenced satellite imagery and has gained extensive knowledge in satellite image interpretation and processing, having worked with popular satellite data products such as IRS, CARTOSAT, Landsat, Geo-eye and QuickBird. Furthermore, the company also specializes in conducting GPS and DGPS based surveys and has developed GIS maps integrated with non-spatial components, for several resource management (land, forest, water and mineral) activities. Demonstrating its proficiency in this domain, GIT has several successful implementations under its wing, one among which is its work with the Governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where the company served as a consultant for the implementation of GIS technology and instrumental in establishing Geomatic facilities at Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC), Rural Development and Police etc.

Having catered to wideranging GIS functionalities across the public and private sectors, GITGeomatics has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Leveraging this position, the company is all set to launch a number of innovative GIS applications by utilizing HRS imagery to create large scale Urban GIS database such as Base maps, Master plans, Property mapping, utility/assets mapping and large scaled rural resources mapping along with location based services in the upcoming future.