Insyssky Softtech: Bolstering Organizations' Efficiency with an Inclusive Portfolio of GIS Services

The GIS(Geographic Information System) technology landscape has been witnessing substantial growth in recent times with GIS being increasingly employed across the segments of transportation, government projects, military, utilities, and telecom. With the ability to capture, analyze, manage and present all types of spatial and geographical data, GIS technology can be leveraged by organizations to drastically improve their efficiency and decision making, particularly where location-based data is concerned. However, despite these benefits, there exist limitations to the use of GIS, where heavy expenses, increased time consumption, large amounts of data, complex data structures and difficulties in integration with traditional maps, often impede the adoption of this technology. Acknowledging these different challenges, Agartala headquartered Insyssky Softtech Pvt Ltd. steps forward to address them with a comprehensive suite of GIS Software and Implementation services.

" Insyssky has acquired extensive expertise in handling intricate data structures and complex software. This helps us develop new capabilities around GIS to support our customers’ growth in this segment"

Established in 2009, Insyssky Softtech is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Information Technology and Telecommunications consulting company that was founded with a mission to deliver cost-effective interactive technology and design solutions without compromising on quality. The company has since been catering to services in Software Development, GIS Digitization, Website Design, Telecommunication, Hardware and Networking and Education, and has acquired a widespread customer base ranging from small business establishments to multinational companies across different verticals. When it comes to GIS Digitization, Insyssky combines GIS expertise with its software development capabilities to design customized solutions that address specific industry issues. Commenting on Insyssky’s USP, Susanta Shome, Chairman, elaborates, “Having operated in the IT industry for more than nine years, Insyssky has acquired extensive expertise in handling intricate data structures and complex software. This helps us develop new capabilities around GIS to support our customers’ growth in this segment”.
Insyssky’s GIS Professional Services suite encompasses GIS Software Design, GIS Data Capture, Mapping, GIS Implementation and Compilation, GPS Field Data Collection, Digitization, Satellite Remote Sensing, Project Management and Municipal GIS. In order to help organizations capture and analyze the spatial and geographical data rooted in computer mapping and satellite imageries, Insyssky renders Data Capture, Digitization, and Data Processing services, to assist both Government and Private sectors in their surveying and tracking operations. Demonstrating its competency in this arena, the company has rendered its digitization services to develop online taxi booking software and to also digitize the industrial areas of the Tripura government. Furthermore, Insyssky also provides Municipal GIS services where it caters to mapping of locations as well as property details of every citizen and designing of software to view them in a user-friendly manner. Another one of the company’s specialties is its Satellite Remote Sensing capabilities through which Insyssky aids the Agriculture and Forestry departments in the monitoring of crops and vegetation, water surveying and forest fires.

In a period of almost a decade, Insyssky has delivered its GIS services to an expansive clientele across Retail, Banking, Forestry, and Agriculture and has thus distinguished itself in this domain. Leveraging this position, the company is en route to launching a number of projects including its online taxi booking software and asset tracking systems with the integration of IoT. Insyssky has also started its operation in Africa. In Burundi and Ghana, it has already begun sales and plans to expand its reach further to Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone etc in the upcoming future.

Susanta Shome, Chairman